Flight Essentials

I fly A LOT and usually long haul, over the years I have learnt how to make my flying experience as comfortable and easy as possible. These are my top tips for anyone jumping on a plane this summer:-
Comfortable (buy stylish) Outfit – Every flight I used to get on I would be in heels, full face of make-up and jeans, always glam. After having to remove my shoes and run the length of 3 Heathrow Terminals, being delayed on the runway for 3 hours and deciding a value sleep more than looking good this soon stopped. Now it’s all about comfort!
Firstly underwear is so important, no one wants to be sat for 7 hours with an underwire poking them in the rib or lace slowly being imprinted on your bum. Thanks to the countless celebrities making Calvin Klein bralets and full briefs popular its now acceptable to not wear an actual bra to so many occasions (YASSS) and they are a must have for flying. Pink, Tommy Hilfiger and even Topshop have their own versions of these little beauties perfect for every style and budget.
Trainers are another must, Airports are huge and you never know when you will get that delay and need to run carrying all your carry on to make a connecting flight. My Nike Air Pegasus ‘83’s are my choice of foot wear for any flight, comfy and go with everything. For my flight today to New York I’ll be wearing them with some Ivy Park Leggings and my sassy “YASSS QUEEN” top from Betches.
Flights also tend to be a little colder so even if you heading out to 30 degrees and sunshine always pack a hoody or jumper for the flight as well as a pair of socks. I never fly without a pair of Hello Kitty socks!
Supplies – Even if you are flying on a flight were you get food and drinks as part of your ticket fare I would always recommend grabbing a bottle of water and a snack in the airport. You will never know the menu until you get on the flight and if they aren’t serving something you like then it’s a long time to go with nothing! Also the drinks on flights are small and they also don’t come round too often, especially if you are flying at night. If I have ever had to rush through an Airport and forget to pick up some water I spend the whole flight climbing over the person next to me to go ask for water, it doesn’t make you very popular!
Entertainment – Before you leave for the flight check the airlines website and look at what’s available on the entertainment package. Some airlines charge for the latest movies so look out for that as spending hours choosing between the bottom of the Netflix barrel is the worst. Checking the entertainment before you fly will allow you to download the latest box set to your tablet or lap top or bring enough books to keep you going.
Another must for entertainment is comfy headphones, if they are going to be on your head or in your ear for pretty much the full flight they need to be comfortable. Bose do a sound cancelling headphones are amazing, even if you need to sleep you can put these in and cancel out all the sound around you completely.
Don’t forget your chargers and make use everything is fully charged before leaving, there is nothing worse than 20% battery anxiety. Flights tend to have a USB plug so you can charge your phone or tablet and Business Class seats on British Airways have a plug socket. This is an American plug fitting though so if you need to use it you will also need an adapter.
Toiletries – Even though you can only take 100ml of any liquid on a flight its worth working out a way to get your skin care and toiletries on that flight. If you need to sleep on the flight it’s so nice doing your nightly routine before getting comfy and means you can freshen up before landing. I use Clarins skin care and whenever I can get a sample size I always pick my essentials, cleanser, day cream, night cream and eye make-up remover and use them for flights. I also pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, a moisturiser, lip balm, deodorant, comb and my basic make up items. Everything I need to get ready for bed, freshen up in the morning and feel amazing for arriving at my destination. They also come in handy in case your luggage is delayed (which has happened to me 4 times now!!!).
Set Up – You have to get your seat right, first selecting your seat always try to get a seat with that little extra leg room, these are at the front of the flight, emergency exits and at the beginning of any Class Cabin. Some airlines charge for these but others its first come first serve so check in early and grab those seats.
 Once you are in your seat you need to make sure you have everything you need in reaching distance, there is nothing worse than having to go through a mini yoga routine to reach up and pull all the overhead luggage out mid-flight, or even worse, the seat belts signs staying on for what seems like a life time while your left pining for your head phones. At about this time I would put on my Hello Kitty socks and press play on a good girly film ready to start my trip in comfort!
Enjoy your next flight!!!!
Love Lottie xxx

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