100% Natural Beauty Tricks To Try This Winter

As Summer is officially gone cosy jumpers, onesies and pumpkin spice everything creep in which also means the cold weather. Wind, rain and low temperatures can take their toll and its important to take a little extra care of yourself.

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You don’t always need expensive creams and lotions to feel pampered, moisturise and protect your self from the cold. There are so many great products you probably already have, just not where you may think. Your kitchen holds a huge range of great beauty products that are all natural too!


Lets start at the top (…literally), your hair takes a beating in winter, damp in the rain then left to dry, tangled and knotted by the wind, not to mentioned the frizz from hats and headbands. The best way to bring your hair back to life is with a hair mask. This recipe will replenish moisture and boost shine, exactly what you need on a dull winter day!

  • Two ripe bananas
  • two tablespoons of honey
  • half a cup of milk

Mix these ingredients up extremely well and apply to clean hair. Leave it to work its magic for 20 minutes then shampoo out! Your hair will have an amazing shine and smell lovely and sweet too!


Skin – Body

It may not seem glamorous but putting a cup of oats in your bath will give your skin a huge moisture injection. This porridgey trick is great for dry skin as well as being know for soothing conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

The cold weather can slow down circulation which in turn reduces colour. Dry brushing can improve circulation. Using a dry body brush and starting at the soles of your feet and cover each area once using long, firm strokes. Strokes should be upwards through out most of your body and counter clockwise on your bum and tum. Don’t neglect any where, even your palms need a circulation boost. Doing this just once a week will help you beat that wash out winter look.


Skin – Face

Banana’s are like natures botox, applying a thoroughly mashed banana to your face and neck can boost your skin and give you a serious moisture boost. The banana needs to be mashed into a paste, applied evenly and left to set for 10 – 20 minutes.  You then rinse with cold water leaving your skin glowing. Its really that simple!


Another great recipe is a quarter cup of yogurt, two tablespoons of honey and 1 medium banana can sooth and moisturise wind or frost bitten skin. Honey is also a natural acne remedy so will help clear up any blemishes too.


Dry hands from the cold also means dry cuticles. Nail oils can be expensive, especially when most of them contain this 100% natural product, Almond oil. Almond oil helps to balance the skin’s natural moisture and will help seal splitting nails.


All of these little natural tips along with eating healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, oily fish and whole eggs will help protect you from the cold weather inside and out and leave you feeling great!

Love Lottie xxx







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