5 Things You Must Do In Paris!

I’ve been to Paris a few times now and love it more each time! The city is full of the most beautiful streets and architecture and the food is always amazing! Most recently I was only there fore just 48 hours so needed to cram in as much as possible. These are my 5 must do things in Paris!

Photo 14-04-2017, 12 10 10

French Food On The Champs Elysee

Whether its breakfast, a pit stop mid shopping or a special dinner nothing screams Paris more than Mussels and wine on the Champs Elysee. Most of the restaurants serve the classics and there is usually a table free during the day but if you are looking to go in the evening I would recommend making a reservation some where fabulous and making a night of it! Which ever time of day you are there you will also get some fabulous views of the Arc De Triomphe and its a short walk to stand directly under this huge famous landmark.

My recommendations

Day – George V Cafe

Evening – Fouquet’s


The best views of the Eiffle Tower

Although standing under the Eiffel tower and feeling its enormous size is amazing the best views are found slightly further out. I recently stayed at the Shangril-la which had the most spectacular view. Although i was lucky enough to have this view from my room the view can be caught from restaurants and bars inside the hotel. If you want a more casual approach there are so many beautiful parks in Paris which have amazing views, grabbing a croissant while admiring the view on a sunny day is definitely something you need to experience.




Of course Paris is world renowned for this shopping and it is a place to tick off your list if you are a keen shopper. With two Zara’s and the largest H&M I’ve ever seen, the high street favourites are definitely covered and of course every fashion house is present. The Louis Vuitton store on the Champ Elysee is always packed out and you will need to queue to get in so if you are after something just so you can own something Louis from the home of the brand then its worth the wait, if you are just looking to browse or don’t want to wait there is another store at the lower end of the Champs Elysee which is must quieter. This Louis is also surrounded by all the big brands so if you are lucky enough to be able to buy a Dior dress with a Gucci bag and Louis Shoes then this area is perfect.

Photo 15-04-2017, 10 31 40 (1)

Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre

This part of Paris is beautiful and worth the walk if you are staying more central. The Louvre queues are crazy but if you book a time slot online you can beat the queues so I would recommend planning this in advance.

Photo 15-04-2017, 09 19 43

Tuileries Gardens are spectacular and filled with amazing statues and landscapes. After leaving the Louvre you can wander the gardens and relax around one of the water features with an ice cream as you head back up towards Concord Square.

Photo 16-04-2017, 10 38 48

Moulin Rouge

This last one is not something I have done myself but am desperate to do. This fabulous venue host a full evening of entertainment, food and of course wine! Next time i am in Paris I will definitely be having a night at the Moulin Rouge but for now I’ll have to sing my heart out to Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Tickets for the Moulin Rough (not my singing) start at around £85.


Love Lottie xoxo


48 hours is Paris – Style Post

Over Easter weekend I jumped on the train and headed to Paris for the weekend and was going to make the most of every second I had. Not only was I looking forward to the sights, atmosphere and food but also the fashion and wanted to cram as many Parisian inspired outfits as possible!

Photo 15-04-2017, 09 19 51


It’s always important to travel comfortable, check out my previous post Flight Essentials. So even though I was travelling by train I still followed my own advice!

Jacket – TopShop (2012)

Jeans – Zara High Waisted Jeggings – £25.99

T-Shirt – River Island Merci Beaucoup T Shirt – no longer available

Trainers – Adidas Gazelle -£74.99

Suitcase – Radley – £129


When we got into to Paris,(queue outfit change) we wandered the streets seeing the sights followed some Moules-Frites and wine on the Champs Elysees.

Duster – River Island Grey Belted Duster – £60

Jeans  – River Island Gingham Mollie Jeans – No Longer Available

Top – Zara off the shoulder frill body – £12.99

Pumps – H&M  Loafer – £9.99

Handbag – Prada Double Bag – £1750

Photo 14-04-2017, 12 10 10Photo 14-04-2017, 11 28 35Photo 14-04-2017, 13 10 08

For the Evening we spent it at out amazing hotel, The Shangri-La Paris with the most stunning view! This room is by far one of the best hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. This really was a once in a life time experience. Review to follow!!!

Photo 15-04-2017, 06 40 34

I kept it black like a true Parisian and wore simple black jeans with a hint of red for my evening of fine dining and cocktails.

Duster – As above

Jeans – River Island Coated Black Mollie Jeans – £40

Top – River Island Lace Detail Top – No Longer Available

Shoes – Topshop Skinny 2 Part Sandales – £39

Photo 15-04-2017, 22 43 36.jpg


The next day we headed to the Louvre and headed through the gardens and up to Champs Elysee again to purchase a small keepsake from the fabulous Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysee.

Blouse – Top Shop Polka Dot Blouse – £34

Trousers – Topshop Frill Zip Palazzo Trousers – £42

Loafers – Topshop Alexa Slip On Mules – £32

Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren

Photo 16-04-2017, 10 38 48Photo 16-04-2017, 10 38 43

To head home I kept it casual with black jeans, a navy and white stripy t shirt and my beloved Adidas Gazelles. Paris was amazing and I will be doing a mini travel guide in the coming weeks, I am disappointed the sun didn’t really make an appearance but at least now I have an excuse to come back!

Photo 16-04-2017, 16 06 03Photo 16-04-2017, 15 06 02

Love Lottie xxx

The Original Ice Hotel


Every year Ice Hotels around the world are build then melt, but the Swedish were the first ones to create this palace made of snow. In the most northern town in Swede, Kiruna the first ice Hotel was built, offering customers the chance to sleep in beautifully created bedrooms made completely of ice and snow. This has sparked off a number of countries following suit including Iceland and Canada as well as Ice Bar’s popping up in a number of big cities. I visited the original in Sweden via Discover the World  to see whether it really was “Bucket List” worthy.



Getting there 

Discover the World are the only company to offer i direct from the UK to England, their #IceFlight is the most cost effective and easiest way to get to Kiruna, they also take take for booking your accommodation and excursions. The Hotel is only around 15 minutes via coach from the Airport but because I wanted to cram in as much as possible I booked for a dog sled to take us to the Hotel. Opting for this was a great way to fit the Dog’s in but was a harsh way to get used to the cold! Although i don’t think I could have done all of the activities we did with out taking the Dog Sled ride so early I think if i were to go back i would have rather opted for a dog sled during the day also, to make the most of the scenery.



The Hotel

The Hotel is a masterpiece in its self, every ice filled corridor is magnificent, the bar is a destination in its own right and a each Art Suit is its own individual piece of ice crafted art. The rooms are all open during the day for you to look in and take photos and the Ice Bar opens from 12 pm until 1 am.





The whole point of the Ice Hotel is to sleep in one of their Cold Rooms and yes they are really that cold, our cold room night was around -8! There are a wide range of rooms in the thanks to the new Ice Hotel 365 as well as the original Ice Hotel 27. The Ice Hotel 365 is a new concept and allows the Bar and some Cold Rooms to be available all year round and the 27 is the original which will still melt and be re built every year.


There are different rooms depending on your budget, although each room is special an Art Suite will definitely make your stay a little more memorable. If you really are worried about the cold there are Deluxe Art Suites which have a private warm area with a toilet and shower attached to the room. Although I didn’t opt for a Deluxe Art Suite I was extremely lucky and scored “Dreamscape” an ice bed at the top of a magnificent staircase which was worth having a shared (sex separated) toilet and shower.


The best way to make sure you get the most out of your Cold Room is to plan a to keep warm a couple of hours before going in, this could be going for a meal in a restaurant or visiting the warm bar. To sleep i wore thermal trousers, long sleeved top, thin gloves, ski socks and a hat, although I wasn’t cold and slept fine, I wish I had put a thicker jumper on.


The food at the Ice Hotel is amazing, each day there is a full breakfast buffet and in the evening there is a choice of the Ice Restaurant and the Old Homestead which is around a 10 minute walk away from the Hotel. Most excursions include food also, usually served round a fire or in a small cabin.


We experienced the Chef’s table on our first night which is an 8 course tasting menu served in the kitchen. The menu included all the Arctic favourites such as Elk, Reindeer and Arctic Char as well as a trio of the most delicious deserts. It was quite strange at first but the staff were so lovely I soon felt relaxed and it was great to see the hustle and bustle of the kitchen while you ate.

Things To Do 

The excursion list is huge but you can do as little or as much as you like. When booking your excursions make sure you look at the start and finish times, whether food is served and consider the cold. Discover the World can help you pick excursions but they wont know how much you can stand the cold. Its best to make sure you have time to warm up between excursions and over dress for excursions. Having a back pack with an extra balaclava, dry gloves and an extra layer will never be a bad decision.


I did the Dog Sled, Wilderness Survival, Snow Mobile Northern Lights Tour, Cross Country Skiing and Sauna Ritual. If i could have I would have also either gone on the Horseback Moose Safari or went to see the Remainders but I couldn’t have fit one more thing in!


The best excursion was the Snow Mobile Tour, although we didn’t see the Northern Lights it was definitely the most fun. I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights while at the Hotel, if you are looking to photograph the lights and don’t have a professional camera, download the Norther Lights Photo Taker before going.


The Ice Hotel is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had to date and worth every penny. If it isn’t already on your Bucket List it needs to be!

Love Lottie xx



Dubai Travel Tips – Part 2

I have covered where to show, stay and what to see but I have missed one of the most vital things, where to EAT! Dubai is full of amazing places to eat with family friendly restaurants and fine dining hot spots. With every big brand chain to some of the best restaurants in the world there is something for every occasion. These are my top recommendations for dining in Dubai.


Family Friendly

JBR is a large stretch of restaurants and shops, the area is pedestrianised and there is a large central area which frequently host a mini fun fair creating a great family friendly area. The majority of the restaurants are big chain names, Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack, PF Changs etc but there are some slightly more up market venues too. The Cavalli Caffe is a lovely alfresco venue serving Italian cuisine in true Cavalli style, even the pasta is animal print!

There is literally every type of food to chose from and the whole area has a lovely atmosphere but bare in mind that only soft drinks are served in this area so if you are looking to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal you will need to head to a hotel.



A full list of the restaurants in JBR can be found here.

Traditional Cuisine

If you are looking to have some traditional cuisine the best place to go is Reem Al Bawadi. This restaurant serves amazing local food family style and also has an amazing array of cakes on display in the deli style dessert counter.  There are several of these in Dubai but  i would recommend booking an outside table at the Down Town location as you get a perfect view of the Burj Khalifa. Although you cannot drink alcohol in this restaurant you can enjoy shisha with or after your meal while enjoying the view.


For more information and locations click here. 


If you are looking for a really memorable meal I would recommend two iconic locations, Shimmers in the Madinat Jumeirah and At.mosphere at the Burj Khalifa. Shimmers is located on the Madinat Jumeirah’s private beach and has the most spectacular views. Once you have finished your delicious greek meal you can head to the beach for cocktails and shisha while taking in the Burj Al Arab and the beautiful surroundings.


At.mosphere is fine dining at its best, from the second you walk out the lift the staff are amazing and once seated, the food is even better. I had the tasting menu which I would recommend, although it is a little pricey.

The best time to be seated is just before sunset so you see the views both at day and night, you can request a window seat which has a slightly higher minimum spend value than the other tables but is 100% worth it.

You will never forget your experience at At.mosphere, not only because it is fabulous but also because they will send you away with branded chocolates, a Polaroid capturing your visit and if you have the tasting menu your waiter will sign a copy with a cute message and place that in a branded sleeve as a keepsake. As the Burj Khalifa functions as a hotel you can also enjoy a glass or champagne to finish off your magical meal.

Leave a comment with your recommendations, happy eating!

Love Lottie xxx

Dubai Travel Tips – Part 1

Dubai is quickly becoming the centre of the world, a hub for many flight transfers and a holiday destination in its own right. Dubai is literally the place you can do anything! A morning at the beach followed by skiing or an afternoon or shopping local souvenirs in souks followed by being in the largest shopping Mall in the world, anything is possible. I’ve been to Dubai a few times now and hope these tips will help you have an amazing trip.

Photo 17-11-2016, 13 07 05.jpg



The magnificent palm is a post card location for Dubai and is an amazing place to stay with luxury hotels including the fabulous Atlantis but if you want to actually see Dubai the palm may not be the best place to stay, especially if you are short on time. Getting on and off the palm can take between 30 minutes – 2 hours if the traffic is bad so if you want to be able to get around most places i would recommend staying some where more central such as Down Town Dubai or the base of the palm if you are looking for that post card destination.

There are so many hotels in Dubai but Trip Advisory have a good list of Central ones with detailed reviews here: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/HotelsList-Dubai-City-Centre-Hotels-zfp45245.html



The biggest destination is the Dubai Mall, with its huge aquarium, waterfall, ice rink and of course hundreds of shops. The good thing about the Mall is the stores are grouped well, you can usually find what you are looking for relativity easily. There are also numerous help points around the Mall both electronic and manned stands which have a huge index and easy to follow maps. Although Dubai is a place known for its wealth a number of things are actually more expensive in Dubai, designer goods, make up and Victoria Secret being just a few, so make sure you check the prices before going on a shopping spree. There are many restaurants and the majority are well known chains so its easy to spend a full day here viewing the sights and shopping.

The Creek area is filled with market stalls and usual tourist gifts, there is also a vast spice market in this area too. With that comes the traditions of a market, forceful selling techniques and constantly saying no thank you as you head head through the streets. I would definitely recommend the Creek Area just for a look around and to sit at a cafe on the Creek with a a Rose Tree Cooler or Saffron Karak Chai (a traditional tea).


If that isn’t for you but you would like a for  more of a traditional shopping experience the Souks at the Madinat are the perfect compromise. Although usually more expensive than the traditional market’s you can wander through the Aladdin cave style stores, pick up some souvenirs then head to a Cafe Rouge for a glass of wine. In this area you can also find great views of the Burj Al Arab and see the small Venice style rivers which wind through the area.



Burj Khalifa

If you would life to have a view from the top its best to book this in advance, tickets sell out fast at peak times! If you really want to explore the views there is a great bar and restaurant, but neither are cheap and both have a minimum spend. If you want to see the view at dusk or night going to to bar is a great way to relax and see the view as you can easily meet the minimum spend by having a couple of cocktails and there is no fee to go up.

The Dubai Fountain

The Fountains are best to be viewed when spending time at the Mall, this way if you miss a show you can either go back to your shopping, grab a soft drink or bite to eat while waiting for the next show. There are only 2 day time shows these times change depending on the day but the evening shows are every 30 minutes from 6pm – 11pm.  The evening show is very popular so it may be best to try and get a good view form a near by restaurant and wait it out or wait till one show is ending and try to get to the front. You will have to wait 30 minutes, defending your spot if you are desperate for a prime view. The evening shows are broken up with a light show on the Burj Khalifa so you will be entertained no matter which option you go form.

photo-15-11-2016-10-56-27photo-15-11-2016-10-47-37photo-27-04-2015-10-02-18The Desert

You can’t go to Dubai with out going into the Desert. A Desert Safari is the best way to ensure you get the full experience. This trip is a long one, starting in the afternoon and not getting back till 9pm, the majority of time spent in the vehicle so make sure you are wearing something comfy. It also can be cold at night in the desert so take a jacket or jumper if you are used to the Dubai heat. You will go into the desert, bouncing round the dunes, get a chance to do quad biking, camel riding or dune surfing then will be served traditional food while watching live entertainment. I would recommend this trip, especially if you want to make the most of your time if Dubai but driving through the dunes isn’t for the faint hearted!


The Culture

People forget how young Dubai is as a city and that not that long ago there were no sky scrapers and Ex Pats. I went on a cultural tour at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. On the tour you see how the people of Dubai used to live and get an opportunity to ask a local anything. You will be served traditional food and coffee while discussing the culture with your guide followed by a walk through the Centre ending at a Mosque. Women will be required to cover with an Abaya and Hijab but this is provided by the Centre. It was amazing to see a side of this city that is forgotten, the locals as well as the culture and I would highly recommended this excursion.


Burj Al Arab

To get that perfect Dubai image the Burj Al Arab at night is a must! You can see this from the Madinat Souks as mentioned earlier but a great way to see it is by booking a meal at Shimmers Restaurant in the Madinat Jumeirah. You can have great food with a view of the beach and the Burj Al Arab then shisha and drinks on the beach  with the best backdrop. If you want to see the Burj Al Arab in the day light you can do a paddle board tour, I am desperate to do this on my next trip



I hope these inspire you to visit Dubai or make your next trip even more amazing. I’ll be following this up with where to eat and party in Dubai!

Love Lottie xxx




New York by night – 5 things to do with your New York evenings

New York is the city that never sleeps so you need to pack your nights with as much fun as you do during the day. These are some of the things I did on my recent trip to NYC and I would recommend you try to squish in as many as possible. I’ve also added some tips to make the most out of your trip saving as much as possible!

Photo 13-06-2016, 03 53 46 (1).jpg


See a show!!! – A show in New York is a must! If theatre isn’t really your thing usually there will be something on in New York which will bring out your theatrical side. I personally would thoroughly recommend Matilda, Kinky Boots, Wicked and Book of Mormon (only if you aren’t easily offended). These shows are the big hitters on Broadway and therefore come with a big price tag for tickets costing around $100 – $200 per ticket. For huge discounts on these shows and loads more you need to plan a trip to your closest TKTS Box Office. Under those iconic red steps in Times Square is the biggest TKTS Box Office with discounted tickets for loads of shows, discounts range between 20% – 50% so you can grab yourself a bargain. If you buy your tickets from TKTS you are also supporting a non profit organisations, the Theatre Development Fund so its win win! You need to get there just before the office opens and be prepared to queue, the queue moves fast and its definitely worth it. For more information https://www.tdf.org/ is the place to be.

If you are relaxed about what you see and the big names don’t draw you in don’t be afraid to see something off Broadway. The small intimate theatre’s and small casts create a really personal experience. I went to see Newsical at the Kirk Theatre and laughed from start to finish.


Take me out to the Ball Game – A Baseball game is an amazing way to spend an evening, perfect for summer evenings. The food drinks and atmosphere are so good and even if you don’t normally enjoy sports there are fun games and entertainment on in between innings. I wouldn’t say there was any need to pre book your seats before your trip unless you really want to be close to the action, teams play against each other for a few nights in a row so I would recommend keeping an eye on StubHub and grab some bargain seats a couple of days before you plan to go.


Soho Nights – SoHo was my favourite place to go out on a evening, the atmosphere is so cool and the bars are relatively close to each other. New York is known for having the coolest spots in the most unlikely places including some bars which don’t even have sign and one which is hidden inside a Five Guys (apparently) so be prepared to give small low key bars a chance and explore this sneaky underground scene. If you are going to be eating in SoHo you have to go to The Mercer Kitchen, amazing food, cocktails and wine in a cool cellar venue and the perfect pre drinks meeting place is just up the road on the corner of Crosby Street, Back Forty West.



Comedy Show – Times Square will be full of people selling you Comedy Show tickets, I have always thought these were a little cheesy and never appealed to me. They also aren’t cheap, especially when you find out about the Comedy Cellar. The Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village is a famous venue and the starting place for some huge Comics, the walls are full of pictures of huge stars performing in this intimate little venue. Tickets are only around $12 – $14 dollars on weeknight and go up for $20 – $24 on a weekend. Big groups can’t sit together so if you are bigger than a party of 8 then make two bookings.

When I was there we saw a range of up and coming comics and then when we thought it was over they announced that a surprise guest had came down to perform, Craig Robinson (aka Daryl from the US Office and Nick from Hot Tub Time Machine) walked on stage, he did a hilarious musical performance and left the night on the high. Anything can happen at the Comedy Cellar and you never know who will walk in, for $12 its an amazing and bargain night!



Roof Top Bars – New York is full of amazing roof top venues there are so many but you need to match the venue to your style or the kind of night you are planning. For amazing views I would recommend 230 Fifth in central Manhattan, you get a perfect views of the Empire State. If you are looking for a more chilled experience then you have to go to the Meatpacking District, there are loads of cool beer gardens and roof top venues, my favourite was Brass Monkey which was a cute roof top garden. Next door to Brass Monkey is an authentic German beer garden, The Standard Biergarten, serving every beer you can imagine and playing sports on huge screens. There is something to suit everyone!


Make the most of your trip!

Love Lottie xxx




NYC Looks – Perfect Outfits for New York Pt 2

I have loved planning my outfits for New York but have enjoyed scrapping my plans and throwing together things at the last minute more. These looks were the result of ditching my plans and experimenting with the two cases full of clothes I brought with me to New York. Never be afraid to experiment!

NYC 2 looks collage.JPG

Tribeca Lunch Date – Tribeca is a super cool, trendy area of New York and home to Queen B herself. It’s like Soho but more residential with boutique style shops and Cafe’s rather than the big chain names.


Dress – Lindsey Sleeveless Midi Dress, Boohoo.com – £12

Waistcoat – Long Waistcoat, Zara – £29.99 (Sale Alert! was £39.99)

Shoes – Classic White Vans (back at it again with the white Vans) – £45

Sunglasses- Zara – £15

Bag Chanel – Chanel, Handbag Clinic – £2300

Drinks in the Meatpacking District – The Meatpacking District is a really cool area with secret cellar bars and roof top terraces, no need to get dressed up too much, everything goes!


Photo 18-06-2016, 22 58 37.jpg

Dress – Asos off shoulder mini dress, Asos – £15

Boots – Suede Heeled Ankle Boots (Tan), River island – £65

Bag – Tassel Bucket Bag, Saint Laurent – £493

Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren – £90

Choker – River Island – £5

Baseball Game 


T Shirt – Claudia Schiffer T Shirt, Zara – £9.99 (Sale Alert, was £14.99)

Jeans – Mollie High Waisted Jeggings, River Island – £40

Denim Jacket – Oversized Denim Jacket, Topshop  – £45

Trainers – Internationalist Nike Trainers, Net-a-Porter – £55

Sunglasses – Zara – £15

Sunny Day in Long Island City – Long Island City is a really cool place with amazing places to eat and the best views of Manhattan!


Baseball Hat – Violet Baseball Hat, Boohoo.com – £6

Vest – Asos Vest Body (2 pack, black and white), ASOS – £20

Denim Shorts   – Denim Low Rise in Clover,  ASOS – £20

Shoes – Classic White Vans – £45

Sunglasses – So Real, Christian Dior – £240

Bag – Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulerie (Damier Ebene) – £850

Love Lottie xxx


5 things to do in New York this Summer – Daytime

I’ve been in New York for over a week now and spent as much time as possible making the most of being in this beautiful city. I previously have only been to New York in the winter so have loved seeing a different side to the Big Apple. If you are coming to New York in the warmer months these things should definitely be on your To Do list.

Top of the Rock – The Rockefeller Centre is an amazing building and provides the best views of New York from its roof deck. I would recommend doing the Top of the Rock over the Empire State for the views as you can see the whole of Central Park and the Empire State in all its glory.  A basic ticket is $32 and worth every penny.

Photo 14-06-2016, 15 12 22 (1).jpg

Sunbathe in Central Park – Central Park is always a highlight of visiting New York. There is a huge grassed area called the Great Lawn where you can see the city through the trees. The whole place is filled with people having fun and relaxing which creates an amazing atmosphere. Central Park is full of things to do and see so just because the famous ice rink has been packed away doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be high on your list of things to do.



Drinks at the Leob Boathouse – While you are in Central Park you have to visit the Leob Boathouse, this iconic venue is beautiful and the perfect place for drinks on a sunny afternoon. You can sit back and relax watching the boats while sipping on Cocktails, (the French Bulldog is my personal recommendation). I was sat inches from where Carrie and Big fell in the lake in the 4th Series of SATC and a short walk away is the location for Chuck and Blair’s wedding on Gossip Girl so if your addicted to a Girly Netflix binge like me then the Boat House is a must see!

Photo 11-06-2016, 21 24 48.jpgphoto-11-06-2016-21-13-39photo-11-06-2016-21-13-45

BRUNCH – Betches love Brunch and Brunch in NYC is a MUST! There are so many places that offer an amazing brunch and I did some thorough research before picking my destination. I started with a list of 12 venues that were all recommended to me by someone who lives in the City and wittled that list down to just one, Miss Lily’s. Miss Lily’s is a Caribbean, beach shack themed venue in Greenwich village serving eggs with a Carrebian twist, jerk chicken and their own version of a Bloody Mary, a Hot Stepper. The bottomless brunch menu is just $30 for an Entrée and 2 hours of bottomless cocktails and the amazing staff never let you have an empty glass. The DJ plays out Reggae and the atmosphere is perfect for a sunny afternoon. The staff are always dancing as they keep your cocktails full and serve amazing Entrée’s such as chicken and waffles, Jamacian Rancheros and my choice, the Coconut Pancakes.

The Met – The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the best place to be if you have a cloudy day. For just $25 you can spend the whole day seeing Art from around the world and many time periods. Currently The Met is featuring an amazing exhibit bringing technology and fashion together, Manus Machina. There are pieces from Chanel, Prada, Saint Laurent and every other Fashion House you can imagine. The pieces are exquisite and even more impressive when you read how they were made, some are made by 3D printer and one Chanel gown is made entirely of the iconic Camelia Rose’s which each take around 90 minutes to make, the whole dress shows hours of intricate work and looks amazing for it.

photo-15-06-2016-21-10-29-1photo-15-06-2016-21-13-13Processed with VSCO with a4 preset



I hope you get to enjoy New York as much as I have!!!

Love Lottie xxx






NYC Looks – Perfect Outfits for New York Pt 1

I’ve been exploring New York for 3 days now and have crammed in seeing everything from West Village to the Upper East Side.These have been my looks and most importantly where I got them!


1 – Drinks in the West Village

Jeans – Mom Jeans, Topshop – £42

Top – Basic Crop Top (Tall), Topshop – £6

Blazer – Zara – £65

Shoes – Zara – £29.99

Bag  – Chanel, Handbag Clinic – £2300

mom jeans 3.jpgmom-jeans-1mom-jeans-2

Look 2 – Exploring Long Island City

T-Shirt Dress9 – Cara, BooHoo.com – £8

Denim Jacket – Oversized Denim Jacket, Topshop  – £45

Shoes -White Classic Van’s (Dammmnn) – £45

Sunglasses – So Real, Christian Dior – £240

Bag – Chanel, Handbag Clinic – £2300


Look 3 – Brunch

Sun Dress – Lace Insert Sundress, Topshop – £29

Denim Jacket – Oversized Denim Jacket, Topshop  – £45

Boots – Suede Heeled Ankle Boots (Tan), River island – £65

Sunglasses – Sideral,  Christian Dior  – £290

Bag – Chanel, Handbag Clinic – £2300


Love Lottie xxx

Flight Essentials

I fly A LOT and usually long haul, over the years I have learnt how to make my flying experience as comfortable and easy as possible. These are my top tips for anyone jumping on a plane this summer:-
Comfortable (buy stylish) Outfit – Every flight I used to get on I would be in heels, full face of make-up and jeans, always glam. After having to remove my shoes and run the length of 3 Heathrow Terminals, being delayed on the runway for 3 hours and deciding a value sleep more than looking good this soon stopped. Now it’s all about comfort!
Firstly underwear is so important, no one wants to be sat for 7 hours with an underwire poking them in the rib or lace slowly being imprinted on your bum. Thanks to the countless celebrities making Calvin Klein bralets and full briefs popular its now acceptable to not wear an actual bra to so many occasions (YASSS) and they are a must have for flying. Pink, Tommy Hilfiger and even Topshop have their own versions of these little beauties perfect for every style and budget.
Trainers are another must, Airports are huge and you never know when you will get that delay and need to run carrying all your carry on to make a connecting flight. My Nike Air Pegasus ‘83’s are my choice of foot wear for any flight, comfy and go with everything. For my flight today to New York I’ll be wearing them with some Ivy Park Leggings and my sassy “YASSS QUEEN” top from Betches.
Flights also tend to be a little colder so even if you heading out to 30 degrees and sunshine always pack a hoody or jumper for the flight as well as a pair of socks. I never fly without a pair of Hello Kitty socks!
Supplies – Even if you are flying on a flight were you get food and drinks as part of your ticket fare I would always recommend grabbing a bottle of water and a snack in the airport. You will never know the menu until you get on the flight and if they aren’t serving something you like then it’s a long time to go with nothing! Also the drinks on flights are small and they also don’t come round too often, especially if you are flying at night. If I have ever had to rush through an Airport and forget to pick up some water I spend the whole flight climbing over the person next to me to go ask for water, it doesn’t make you very popular!
Entertainment – Before you leave for the flight check the airlines website and look at what’s available on the entertainment package. Some airlines charge for the latest movies so look out for that as spending hours choosing between the bottom of the Netflix barrel is the worst. Checking the entertainment before you fly will allow you to download the latest box set to your tablet or lap top or bring enough books to keep you going.
Another must for entertainment is comfy headphones, if they are going to be on your head or in your ear for pretty much the full flight they need to be comfortable. Bose do a sound cancelling headphones are amazing, even if you need to sleep you can put these in and cancel out all the sound around you completely.
Don’t forget your chargers and make use everything is fully charged before leaving, there is nothing worse than 20% battery anxiety. Flights tend to have a USB plug so you can charge your phone or tablet and Business Class seats on British Airways have a plug socket. This is an American plug fitting though so if you need to use it you will also need an adapter.
Toiletries – Even though you can only take 100ml of any liquid on a flight its worth working out a way to get your skin care and toiletries on that flight. If you need to sleep on the flight it’s so nice doing your nightly routine before getting comfy and means you can freshen up before landing. I use Clarins skin care and whenever I can get a sample size I always pick my essentials, cleanser, day cream, night cream and eye make-up remover and use them for flights. I also pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, a moisturiser, lip balm, deodorant, comb and my basic make up items. Everything I need to get ready for bed, freshen up in the morning and feel amazing for arriving at my destination. They also come in handy in case your luggage is delayed (which has happened to me 4 times now!!!).
Set Up – You have to get your seat right, first selecting your seat always try to get a seat with that little extra leg room, these are at the front of the flight, emergency exits and at the beginning of any Class Cabin. Some airlines charge for these but others its first come first serve so check in early and grab those seats.
 Once you are in your seat you need to make sure you have everything you need in reaching distance, there is nothing worse than having to go through a mini yoga routine to reach up and pull all the overhead luggage out mid-flight, or even worse, the seat belts signs staying on for what seems like a life time while your left pining for your head phones. At about this time I would put on my Hello Kitty socks and press play on a good girly film ready to start my trip in comfort!
Enjoy your next flight!!!!
Love Lottie xxx